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Client Testimonials

I've been blessed to find such an extraordinary entertainment attorney. Forrest K. Clinard is truly a God sent. I knew that I made the right decision in 2015, when I chose Mr. Clinard as my legal representative . Mr. Clinard is extremely professional, knowledgeable in his field of expertise, great listener, humble and very patient. He's extremely thorough in reviewing and handling all your legal matters and will make sure that you have a good understanding of your situation, before signing any documents. Mr. Clinard has gone above and beyond with providing impeccable service over the years and I know that my production company will continue to thrive due to having such a phenomenal attorney who provides such outstanding work.

Marjorie Tingle

Having worked with many lawyers throughout my career, I can wholeheartedly state that Forrest Clinard is absolutely one of Atlanta’s best litigation attorney! For several years, Mr. Clinard has provided me with exceptional wise counsel. Aside from possessing honor and a thorough knowledge of the law, he is genuinely committed to protecting the best interest of his clients. For me, contending with business litigation issues can be often be confusing and stressful, knowing this, Mr. Clinard attentively addressed my questions by providing me with clarification of the straight facts and guiding me through the whole process. He has demonstrated a high level of expertise and epitomizes professionalism never losing sight of achieving the objective. On more than one occasion and without any hesitation, I have referred Forrest Clinard to friends and acquaintances that were also in need of an excellent business litigation attorney!

Susan Turton, web optimization

Forrest Clinard is amazing! I hired him to help me copyright my book manuscript. I'm so glad I did! Everything went so smoothly. In fact, I was so impressed with his work that I invited him to speak to my group of writers. He was professional, well organized, thorough, and knowledgeable. We all learned so much about the copyright process!

Robin Adams

When I first met with Forrest Clinard I was impressed with his demeanor. Instead of filling me with b.s. about the law and what he had done in the past he listened to my case wholeheartedly. He understood my goals and what I needed to accomplish and worked the case to meet those expectations. I was most concerned about getting my medical bills paid and the liens against me fulfilled. Mr. Clinard was able to educate me of the entire process instead of just letting me wait by the way side. I have dealt with lawyers in the past that leave you in the dark unless they need something signed, but I was always able to get my questions answered with Forrest and a complete understand of the events unfolding. In the end I was pleased with the end result and would recommend him to anyone with the unfortunate event of dealing with a personal injury claim.

Darrell Hess, realtor

At the recommendation of another client, I hired Atlanta attorney Forrest K. Clinard to manage some business related legal issues.

As a business law and business litigation specialist, Forrest K. Clinard exuded professionalism, legal knowledge, and excellent communication skills. He listened, addressed my concerns, and seemed genuinely interested in protecting my assets. Forrest was punctual in delivering the services I requested. Service fees were very affordable for the Atlanta area.

Despite hundreds of business lawyers in metro Atlanta, I would rank Forrest second to none. I believe both corporate and small business persons would benefit from Forrest K. Clinard’s expertise in business law.

Dr. Mike Turner

I'm a small business owner - who upon having a client 'ignore' a contract - Mr. Forrest Clinard came to my rescue. HIGHLY recommend his legal expertise. Mr. Clinard has been my attorney for over a decade I highly recommend.

Kimy Kennedy, owner Peachtree Estate Sales

Forrest K. Clinard has handled both business and personal cases for not only myself but my extended family. We were pleased with the results and dedication to his work.

Trudy Hess, realtor

Great professional legal service highly recommend. We also used his trademark services.

Birmingham Estate Sales

As I writer, I hired Forrest for copyright and business services. His work was excellent, timely and best of all, the lines of communication were open during that process.

Rachelle Ricks

Forrest has been essential for our small business and is a highly recommended resource/partner.

Ryan Dills

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