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Firm Overview

The Law Office of Forrest K. Clinard is a "boutique" entertainment, intellectual property and business litigation law firm with offices in Atlanta, Georgia. We represent both institutional and individual clients, with particular emphasis on the film, television, sports and Internet industries. Business litigation clients have come from all walks of industry.

Why Us

You get one on one service with your legal matters. Prompt communication is key in today's world and we will keep you advised on your case and return inquires timely. That service is backed up by over thirty five years of legal experience in litigation and contractual matters of all types. In addition to Mr. Clinard's litigation experience, he has dealt with administrative law matters, appeals and lobbied the Florida Legislature. All of these experiences contribute to ascertaining the best way to solve your legal needs.

Protecting Your Business Interests

Whether your business is entertainment, requires a trademark or copyright, or is in need of a business litigator our number one goal is to protect your business interest and see that you are satisfied with that protection. First and foremost, the role of Forrest Clinard is to help clients protect and capitalize on their business assets. We also provide the long-range advice and protection necessary to smooth the way and avoid legal difficulties as clients' careers or business develops. The training and hands-on experience of Mr. Clinard equip us to meet your challenging legal needs. Our law firm's philosophy of practicing law, commitment to clients, and broad experience provide assurance that you will receive an uncommon level of timely personal service and attention, as well as quality legal advice and representation.


Attorney Forrest Clinard helps our clients become successful in their field, and by doing so help them achieve their business objectives. We believe you deserve an honest assessment of your legal needs. We provide comprehensive service: more than just transactional and contract involvement, and more than just resolution of the immediate legal issue at hand. We focus our attention on each client's entire business and overall objectives. Success in business, whether it is entertainment or any other business venture requires careful strategic development of long-term goals and thoughtful implementation of short-term tactics. Forrest Clinard stays on top of the law as well as the business of entertainment, sports, and media so that we are prepared to address, anticipate, and resolve legal matters that affect each client's path to personal, professional, and business achievement.


Forrest Clinard is committed to protecting our clients' rights, anticipating future problems, neutralizing unanticipated obstacles, and helping to clarify and achieve our clients' goals. Clients have learned to trust our firm's commitment to respond to their objectives in a prompt and cost-effective manner. Mr. Clinard strives to be available to clients and we take great care to listen to clients' concerns and needs.

Office Location

The Law Office of Forrest K. Clinard
1 Glenlake Parkway, Suite 650
Atlanta, GA 30328

Local: 770-592-3110

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